Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management of DAT-Schaub France is organised around four major Services : Customers, Supplies, Operations, Transportation and the main objective is to involve customers at the very core of coordination and operation processes, so as to guarantee client satisfaction through an excellent level of service: delivery of the correct product, in correct quantities, on time and supplying the correct associated information.


The Supply Chain groups together around forty experienced employees, supported by 4 department managers:

  • The Customer Service team handles all customers requests. It includes eight people of whom two are dedicated to France major clients, four for industrialists/artisans in France and two for Exports. All strive to provide each client with their commitment so as to meet all requests in the best possible time frame.
  • The Supplies Department is organised into families of products with five suppliers having advanced knowledge of materials and the suppliers they manage. Daily supervision of stocks and scheduled purchases allows for coordination of production flows from plants, to guarantee toe availability of products expected by the logistical operation team and for information of delivery deadlines to Cusomer Services.
  • The Operating Team works on the basis of storage in the four warehouses held by DAT-Schaub France at its head office in Thiais (94) as well as its production sites in Moreuil (80), Bourg-Argental (42) and Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (86). Order preparation is undertaken using the REFLEX operating system in order to manage the precise requirements of customers and to ensure flawless traceability of all operations.
  • The Transport Department organises delivery of orders whilst optimising transportation plans for the five major shipping firms selected for their reliability and quality of service and delivery.


Fluidity and accuracy of information represent the first stage in continuous improvement of which the remit is vast. This concerns aspects as diverse as ensuring reliability of data with an update of the information system, adopting of the EAN 128 codification system. application of strict order management rules, optimising flows – notably inter-site flows – or consideration of seasonal activity fluctuations in human resource management.