The different sites of DAT-Schaub France offer complementarity and flexibility in the face of the diversity of requests. DAT-Schaub France also ensures flawless traceability and scrupulous compliance with the strictest hygiene standards, from the receipt of raw materials to delivery to its customers.

  • The company’s head office has been located in Thiais (94), near Paris, since 1990, with a large logistics platform, the application laboratory and the test kitchen.
  • The factories in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (86) and Bourg-Argental (42), where the company’s natural casings are processed, renew their ISO 22000 certification every year, relating to food safety.
  • The ultra-modern factory in Moreuil (80), inaugurated in June 2014 and totally dedicated to the production of technological and culinary mixtures, was designed from the outset with a view to controlling cross-contamination and in particular the risk of allergens. This factory is BRC grade AA certified.

In addition to these national locations, there are two exclusive industrial partners in Portugal and Morocco, as well as collaboration with the DAT-Schaub Group’s workshops in China, all of which enable us to meet the needs of all markets for natural casings.