The quality assurance team at DAT-Schaub France covers all sites with a team of 10 people and stands out due to its transversal remit.

  • The first division follows Supplies: listing with specifications of suppliers, auditing product compliance, safety guarantee, evaluation of each supplier…
    The objective is to ensure, with the purchasing department, the choice of the most reasonable value for money in respect of DAT-Schaub France requirements.
  • A second division is responsible for customers
    The objective is to provide customers with optimal satisfaction by together collating all necessary information to ensure the most suitable response to meet requirements.
  • The third division manages operating quality.
    The objective is to ensure absolute compliance of products manufactured by DAT-Schaub France.

On each company site, a quality assurance manager guarantees the respect of processes and methods approved through the certification process. The natural casing production sites at Chasseneuil-du-Poitou (86) and Bourg-Argental (42) are ISO 22000 certified, and the Moreuil plant, dedicated to technological and culinary blends, is FSSC 22000 certified (ISO 22000 + PAS 220).

The quality assurance system offers an overview of continuous improvement which is based, on the one hand, on the pillars of food safety, customer satisfaction and communication and, on the other, the involvement of all employees at DAT-Schaub France in the various processes.

Focused on a participative and operational design of high-quality service for all, this process each day demonstrates its effectiveness by generating a constant dynamic of improving food safety and customer satisfaction at DAT-Schaub France.

BRC 2019 - 00012030-BRC-ENGUS-UKASCertifcat ISO 22 000 - Chasseneuil - 2019-2021 - UKISO22000 certificate - Argental UK - july 2021












ISO 22000 certification for Bourg-Argental

2022 BRC certificate Version 8 Grade AA for Moreuil

ISO 22000 certification for Chasseneuil-du-Poitou

FFSC 22000 certification for Chasseneuil-du-Poitou