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From SOUSSANA to DAT-Schaub France, the 6 key dates in the company’s development :

1919 : birth of the family company SOUSSANA.
1997 : takeover of SOUSSANA by the Danish group DAT-Schaub.
1999 : takeover of Boyauderie du Poitou by the Danish group DAT-Schaub.
2008 : merger of SOUSSANA with Boyauderie du Poitou.
2015 : adoption of the name DAT-Schaub France which operates under the SOUSSANA® brand name.
2019 : 100th year anniversary.

Founded in 1919, SOUSSANA® initially focused on the production of natural casings intended for delicatessen products, and then diversified to cover all the needs of delicatessen companies in terms of natural casings, manufactured casings, speciality ingredients, technological and culinary blends and packaging.
This unique positioning in France has earned the company recognition as the multi-specialist of the profession.
Time savings, economies of scale, a wealth of innovative proposals: the advantages are numerous and the benefits for customers unequalled.
More than 6,000 companies today rely on DAT-Schaub France for their supplies and developments.