Aromatic and culinary blends

from traditional to the most innovative recipes

  • The ready meals sector can be characterised by two trends: an increased interest of consumers for traditional recipes and at the same time, movement towards new flavours.
    In order to respond to these developments, DAT-Schaub France is the ideal point of contact.
    Its culinary science, its up-to-date knowledge of speciality ingredients, its capacity to innovate and the passion of its culinary experts grant it the expertise necessary to offer the most pertinent answers to all requests – even the most original – expressed by professionals wishing to develop their ranges.
    Whether concerning marinades, coatings, or any other aromatic blend, all of the formulations are designed to offer easy of use with quality in terms of taste, texture, image and conservation: a host of criteria which are essential to appeal to a consumer who is – and rightly so – more and more demanding and on the look out for new products.

The product range