Gourmet products and modified alcohols

  • DAT-Schaub France offers a complete range of wild mushrooms and coulis.
  •  Depending on the season, the range includes morels, ceps, chanterelles, mousserons, yellow boletes, trumpets, black mushrooms and oyster mushrooms. And for each of these species, different quality levels are available. In addition, DAT-Schaub France offers the possibility of composing mixtures, in order to create personalised assortments and thus develop exclusive recipes.
  • The presentations are also varied and the packaging possibilities are endless: these carefully selected mushrooms are offered whole, cut or powdered, in dehydrated, frozen or rehydrated form ready for use. The coulis (of ceps or in a forest mix version) are a precious culinary aid both in terms of their ease of use and their aromatic power.
  • The 100% authentic spirits offered by DAT-Schaub France, modified by the addition of salt and natural pepper flavours, are specifically designed for perfect and instantaneous incorporation into your preparations. This range of modified spirits ensures an infinite number of flavours to your culinary preparations in the form of flavouring dishes, flambéing dishes and ingredients for sauces.