Artificial casings

  • Can you offer edible collagen casings which can be used in high rate industrial production for use dry (snacking market), in cooked foods (fine pasta) or fresh food (chipolatas, merguez)?
    Yes, we offer collagen casings with mechanical resistance which allows for a high level of production whilst combining an excellent tenderness. This is offered notably by the Natureen NDC M FR casing available in calibre 21.


  • Can you print your polyamide casings?
    Yes, our partner VISCOFAN has various printing techniques:
    – Flexo printing up to 8 colours for plastic casings,
    – Flexo printing p to 6 colours for collagen casings (large straight calibres),
    – 1 colour printing for curved collagen casings.


  • Do you have a natural original manufactured casing which would allow us to make a dry sausage with a regular calibre and to retain our Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée imposing a natural casing?
    We offer the FUSEX range: reconstituted natural casings (pork or sheep origin).


  • Do you have a range of manufactured casings allowing us to save manual phases of works (for instance: external caramel induction, spice collagens, etc.)?
    The SUN range of casings allows for the transfer of spices, flavours, colours, caramel and may be used on any automated production system.


  • Do you have a range of manufactured casings adapted to dry large calibre watertight products with excellent pealing capacity?
    Yes, we offer the HUKKI range, which is the range of tissue textiles coated in collagen.


  • Do you offer a range of skinless casings for various uses such as sliced bacon rashers or knacki sausages?
    Yes, we offer fibrous Diaphan skinless casings for bacon and cellulose skinless Viscofan casings for knacki sausages.