11 marinades in 170g ready-to-use squeezes.

Issued on 4 April 2024

DAT-Schaub France continues to expand with a brand-new production line for ready-to-use squeeze marinades.

Welcome to DAT-Schaub France’s Moreuil plant, where a brand-new production line manufactures liquid squeeze marinades for home cooking under the Soussana brand.

Building on its culinary expertise and the success of its marinades, DAT-Schaub France has expanded its range to include 11 flavors in ready-to-use 170g squeezes, with the ambition of offering professional solutions to lovers of marinated dishes.

Free from hydrogenated fats, these new liquid squeeze marinades are perfect for marinating meat, fish and vegetables before cooking. Choose from LEMON-FLAVORED THYME, TEX-MEX, SHALLOTS, 3 PEPPERS, PROVENÇALE, MAÎTRE D’HÔTEL STYLE, CURRY, with BEARS’ GARLIC, LACQUERED CARAMEL FLAVOR, CEP FLAVOUR and BASQUAISE STYLE.

Since 2014, Moreuil in the Hauts de France region has been the heart of production for all DAT-Schaub France ingredient blends.

DAT-Schaub France’s great adventure, shared with all its customers.