Gelatin and gelling agents

sucre gelatines
  • Gelatine is characterised by its animal origin (pork, beef, poultry, fish) and its strength expressed in bloom.
  • Gelling agents and gelatine are historically heavily used for cured meats and salamis, to receive and protect mousses and patés and improve textures.
  • Gelatine is also very useful from a nutritional aspect.


Ref. Name Description Action
- Pork or beef gelatine Food gelatine 130 bl - 150 bl - 180 bl - 200 bl - 250 bl or 300 blooms. Learn more+
- GELATINE F Soluble food gelatine. Learn more+
- Poultry gelatine Poultry food gelatine. Learn more+
- Fish gelatine Fish food gelatine. Learn more+
- SCANPRO T95 Dehydrated rind or gelatine. Learn more+

Gelling agents

Gelling agents
Ref. Name Description Action
- Carrageenan - Learn more+
- Carob - Learn more+
- Guar - Learn more+
- Xanthan - Learn more+